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Sep 15, 2022

Medical device suppliers and group purchasing organizations are teaming to bring new healthcare innovations such as single-use endoscopes to hospitals and health systems.

By creating specific single-use endoscope categories for their members, these healthcare improvement companies can help accelerate the transition from reusable devices to disposable ones. But capitalizing on an opportunity to expand capacity and avoid costly and unnecessary expenses associated with workflow management and possible patient cross-contamination comes down to more than simply making a purchase.

Rather, both sides need to approach these deals as true partnerships, hinging on performance measurements and outcome-based metrics. That was one key takeaway from a conversation that was part of a virtual session sponsored by Ambu as part of Becker’s Hospital  Review’s 12th Annual Meeting.

Here are the experts you’ll hear from in this episode:

  • Karen Conway, vice president, healthcare value, GHX
  • Brian Howard, director, contract services, Vizient
  • Karen Niven, director, performance groups, Premier
  • India D. Randerson, vice president, strategic sourcing and procurement to payment, Henry Ford Health
  • Steering the conversation is Wes Scruggs, Ambu’s vice president of corporate accounts

Show notes: